Definition and Causes

Fibromyalgia (FM) or fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain disorder.

Symptoms include widespread or localized muscle and joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and tenderness. Most people with fibromyalgia experience fatigue, sleep disturbances, headache, anxiety, and memory problems. Some also report high sensitivity to noises, lights, smells, and temperature changes.

Female sufferers of fibromyalgia outnumber males by about 9 to 1. It is the second most common illness presented to rheumatologists, led only by arthritis. Researchers estimate that 75 percent of fibromyalgia cases go unreported.

Fibromyalgia has no known cause. Researchers have observed abnormalities of central nervous system processes and imbalances of brain chemicals and growth hormone.

People with fibromyalgia may have three times the normal concentration of Substance P, a spinal fluid chemical that amplifies pain signals.

Many patients attribute the onset of fibromyalgia to a particular injury, illness, or traumatic event. The condition does not progress and does not damage bones, joints, or tissues.

Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Fibromyalgia can be difficult to treat, often requiring a team of doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals… but there may be a new light at the end of the tunnel.

In limited studies hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to reduce the pain and tenderness associated with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders.

Some researchers believe HBOT also changes brain function associated with chronic pain conditions, although the causal relationship between brain activity measured with imaging systems and pain experienced by patients is not completely accepted by the scientific community.


Hbo may :

    *  Increases oxygen supply to all tissues in the body correcting     hypoxia
    *  Improve oxygen metabolism by washing metabolic wastes     and other toxins
    *  Suppress inflammation and edema
    *  Relieve muscle spasms and pain
    *  Improve heart function, the digestive system and the     remainder of the autonomic nervous system
    *  Improve blood circulation
    *  Reduce muscle fatigue and increases exercise capacity
    *  Increase flexibility and improves the range of motion of joints
    *  Improve the response of the immune system
    *  Reduces mental and physical stress


    Large and significant studies have shown that after taking 10-15 hyperbaric oxygen treatment these patients have greater tolerance for pain, sore points are significantly reduced, sleep becomes normal, and generally the patient is presented with a better mood.

    Although may provide symptomatic relief and improve functioning, has not been tested as a cure for fibromyalgia, the causes of which are currently unknown, and also the duration of these effects is unestablished.


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