Definition and Causes

Radionecrosis is a complication of cancer radiation therapy, especially external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). Necrosis means the death of cells in bones, organs, and soft tissues. Side effects of radiation therapy may not present a health problem for months or even years after treatment.

To irradiate a cancer tumor physicians and technicians always risk damaging nearby soft tissue and bone.
Delayed radiation injuries most often stem from scarring and restricted blood flow near the tumor treatment site.
The linings of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract are especially vulnerable to radiation damage.

Radionecrosis may also be caused by radiation overdose or by misdirected beams of radiation, whether resulting from human error or from device malfunction.

Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

Mechanisms of HBO2

Because a consistent cause and manifestation of radiation injury is vascular obliteration and stromal fibrosis, the known impact of hyperbaric oxygen in stimulating angiogenesis is an obvious and important mechanism whereby hyperbaric oxygen is effective in radiation injury.

HBO2 induces neovascularization in hypoxic tissues.

Improves tissue oxygenation

Reduces fibrosis;

Is likely to mobilize and stimulate an increase of stem cells within irradiated tissues. The third mechanism is at this point putative and remains to be proven in radiation damaged tissues.

Hyperbaric Oxygen As Treatment For Mandibular Radiation Necrosis (ORN)

The most widely applied and most extensively documented indication for hyperbaric oxygen in chronic radiation injury is its application in the treatment and prevention of radiation necrosis of the mandible.

Hemorrhagicradiation cystitis

Frequent complication in patients with prostate cancer, characterized by bleeding, incontinence, and pain.

Conventional treatments may decrease haematuria but do not affect the radiocystitis itself. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been reported to do both.

Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has dramatically changed the treatment and progression of these diseases and has a success rate of up to 98% of cases. The duration of treatment is 30 to 40 days.

The faster onset of therapy has the fastest and most impressive results


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